I am getting a nil error out of my SwiftyJSON

I am getting a nil error and I can not see why. Can someone please point to me what I am doing wrong . What I am trying to pull out are all the email address.

I’ve downloaded your code and run it, and found three errors.

First, you’re trying to download information from an ‘http’ web address (not ‘https’) on iOS 9, so you need to configure your app’s App Transport Security settings to download the information.
Second, you’re only trying to parse the JSON if error is not nil - i.e., only if there is an error. Replace your != with ==.
Third, the data is an array of dictionaries. Your swiftyJSON constant represents an array, not a dictionary, so it doesn’t have a "results" key. Remove that subscript and your code will work.

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Thank you for your input. I will take a look and correct it.