How two application of different developer can communicate in ios

I have one requirement that I want to share data with other application that data will be json string and it will be send by my application to other applications which are using my library. Is it possible in ios if yes then can anyone please guide me how we can do this.

Check out Different ways to share data between apps — iOS

That should give you some options.

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Hi @madhurjain,
For you want to share some data between applications which is JSON,

  1. Are both the applications published by the same developer? Then you can have shared data
  2. If you want something that can be managed even from non mobile clients (web) then save to a web service, but then it will add complexities of usernames, ID, tokens, etc

From your description, if you are trying to make a framework and have a license that needs to authenticate or something to that effect, you can have something like #2 described above.


You could try push notifications. If you had a predictable and structured way of creating Apple Push Notification Tokens where your library on one side could establish communication to your library on the other side: Apple Developer Documentation

This is how we are doing Peer to Peer communications for our apps. I suspect this is how iMessage and GameCenter achieve their magic too.

@jayantvarma Thanks for the reply but #2 client server architecture will not be good idea as data will be sent to the application in every second so it will drain battery and data.
#1. Are both the applications published by the same developer? Then you can have shared data
Both application will be from different developer so we can’t go with this option.

Hi @madhurjain,
you have an interesting use case here, which you cannot expect an answer for without outlining the constraints and the issues. If you articulate or provide more information, someone could think of potential solutions. THe responses above by other users are the best generic solutions you can get.


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