How to use a different image dataset, such as Stanford cars in CoreML

I was following along with the Multi-snack model and I decided I wanted to create my own model, so I downloaded and tried to create a model. It takes a while when I add in the training directory, but then it seems to quit and I can’t continue on. I am using Xcode 11, and my Mac has 32G RAM.
Is there a way to get such a large model to be processed in CreateML?

In theory the size of the dataset shouldn’t matter but Create ML may still have some bugs.

I’d try the following things:

  1. Do it again but this time have Activity Monitor open to the side and see what happens to the amount of free memory in your system. If more than 32GB gets used, it really is a RAM issue.

  2. Cut the dataset in half (make a copy of the folder and delete half the files from the copy) and try again. If that still doesn’t work, cut it in half again.