How to read the swift apprentice as a reference book with iOS Aaprentice book

Hi! I’ve recently purchased the iOS Apprentice and the Swift Apprentice books. I’ve been wonderinghow to use the books together for a better understanding, and heard that you can read the Swift Apprentice book as a reference book to iOS Apprentice. Can anyone help me with this ?

The Swift Apprentice is platform agnostic, so it uses playgrounds and focuses only on pure Swift concepts that are not related to iOS or any other Apple development platform of any kind whatsoever. The iOS Apprentice focuses on the APIs you need in order to build iOS apps. If you are a complete beginner and completely new to Swift, definitely start with the Swift Apprentice and then work your way through the iOS Apprentice. If you already have some Swift skills, experience and knowledge, start with the iOS Apprentice instead and just use the Swift Apprentice book as a reference when you don’t understand a certain Swift concept explained in the iOS Apprentice.

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