How to Make an AR Game Using Vuforia |

Augmented reality (AR) is suddenly the buzzword on everyone’s tongue. Thanks to Vuforia, developers can easily augment the physical world with digital content. Although the launch of ARKit and ARCore have helped raise the awareness of augmented reality, many other platforms and SDKs have been on the go for a while now. One of these […]

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This project can not be used on 2018.3.13f1 version of Unity. It showed some errors on both starter and final version of the project.

Hi @steveice Vuforia has recently moved some of their assets and shaders out of the Editor. Are you getting the error:

Unable to find shader Custom/VideoBackground

If so, open a New Scene and then add any Vuforia GameObject by choosing GameObject ► Vuforia Engine ► AR Camera for example. This should force a reimport of the Vuforia engine files, which will rectify the issue.

If your issue is something else then please get back in touch with the specific error you are seeing :]