How To Make A Swipeable Table View Cell With Actions – Without Going Nuts With Scroll Views | Ray Wenderlich

So you want to make a swipeable table view cell like in This tutorial shows you how without getting bogged down in nested scroll views.

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Not necessarily sure if this is the correct medium to ask a question regarding this tutorial, but I am searching for some help having tried following implementation of tutorial.

For brevity, I’ve posted my question on stackoverflow linked below to reference. In summary, I tried adapting the tutorial for my own needs where my UITableViewCell’s “myContentView” is an inset UIView with two sub-UIViews and the UIButton is not behind the cell or card but constrained (negative trailing constraint) to the right-most edge of the UITableViewCell. The effect I’m going for is an inset card that you can slide to the left to slide in the UIButton.

I’ve been able to resolve one of my issues with an expanded width on pan and now I hope I am able to gain help on the other issue - on pan left and holding the pan, the cell shakes rapidly back-and-forth.

Any thoughts would be appreciated…


This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you! :]