How to just eat and beat autolayout

Hello guys,
since i am new to IOS development . Like everyone say its been a headache fro me to understand autolayout. As it looks easy with IB it become more complicated when those red lines become infinite. What should I prefer to start with learning and using autolayout perfectly. How to write better code.? I tried the autolayout tutorial with IB but its become really complicated in real view. Please any suggestion or something. I think i cant waste my day o just fighting with this autolayout.
Thank You,

Hello Vishwas .

hope you are doing well . No one found best way to solve Autolayouts .Even am eagerly waiting for it .

I have found a perfect solution for auto layout and discovered it through reading again and again apple documentation of auto layout and you should read it too. The first thing is you should clear up yourself with very basics of auto layout specially all the basics of views which have their intrinsic content size like button and label and then I have a master key for you to set layout for every complex view in history.