How to insert podcasts files into a Xcode podcast

If i wanted to created a specifically to play certain podcasts from the iTunes library how would i do this. I look online for tutorials but have not seen a lot of stuff that specifically relates to this.

@timswift. Thanks very much for your question!

This project would have a few parts to it:

  1. You’d have to connect to the RSS feed like any other URL using the standard approach of connecting to any web service, using URLSession. However, in this case, instead of parsing JSON data, you’d be parsing XML data.

  2. This is the tricky part: Are you going to stream the podcast on your device from the server, or download directly, and then play the file? Downloading would be easier to do, but I personally am not sure exactly how to stream just yet. This is something I’m wondering about myself to be quite honest.

However, as I pointed out in part 1, to deal specifically with your preferred podcast, you’d have to simply find the URL for the RSS, and connect to it directly.

I hope this helps!

All the best!

Another thing to consider is not to convert the SQLite file DIRECTLY to JSON, but into another format that would be much easier to convert into JSON. Consider converting your .sqlite file to say .csv. Then converting a .csv file to JSON would be much easier. :slight_smile:

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