How to Implement Movement in Different Genres of Games in Unity |

In this very moving tutorial, learn how to implement movement from many different genres into your Unity games — both 2D and 3D.

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For extra challenge, I converted the code to use the new input system.

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For those who had problems with the character not jumping and not displaying the animations correctly when moving from left to right, in the implementing 2D platformer movement section, you have to set PaperCatto gameObject’s layer to Ground too. BTW, thanx for the tutorial. It helped me a lot :smiley:

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Why is the final project worked without set layer?

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Thank you, T77. Sooooo sorry for the delay! Apparently, gmail wasn’t updating my notifications. Thank you so much for taking the time and stopping by!!! I’m really glad it helped! Have you created something lately or are you just learning some new stuff? :grinning:

:grin: Cool! Nicely done, Democre! Mind sharing it? Thanks for taking the effort! Changing the new input was a nightmare for me… well at the beginning… at the beginning… and now :joy: I am sorry I couldn’t get the notification on time. :face_with_head_bandage:

Hi, JeanWinters. Thanks for stopping by! I am really sorry about that! I will check it out. Despite all the efforts the team and I made, sometimes there’s a tiny slip. Hope you like the rest of the tutorial! :slightly_smiling_face: