How to grant calendar access to Mac commandline utility

Hi, I’m trying to create a commandline utility on Mac Mojave, using Xcode and Swift, which accesses the user Calendar. I’ve already successfully built a Cocoa App, which does the job. However I do not want a GUI as the utility is supposed to run scheduled in the background similar to IcalBuddy.
So far I was not able to add the necessary PLIST with the entitlements for Calendar access. There are no such option in Xcode for commandline apps. How can this be achieved?

Appreciate any help

Hi @tantares,
the way to access the calendar is to add the Calendars → YES in the entitlements file and in the Info.plist you need to add the usageDescription.

I need to test with the commandline if it can be accessed directly or not. It could be terminal that would require access to your calendar.


Hi Jay,
Thank you for the reply. My problem is, that I could not figure out how to add an entitlement file to a command line app in Xcode. There seems to be no such options as with Cocoa apps. Furthermore I couldn’t find out how to grant the Terminal such privileges.
Looking forward to your test results

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