How to get metadata from Podcast - specifically feed and description

I cannot figure out how to get the Podcast-specific metadata - “Description” and “Feed”. These are not part of the ID3 tag/keyspace, however you can see the data in both Apple iTunes > Info > Description and in the iOS Podcast App.

You can see the info I’m referring to here: How the Most Popular Podcasts on iTunes Add ID3 Tags - Prestopod
Scroll to “The Results” > “Podcast Tags”
BTW - Prestopod has nothing to do with my app or question except they clearly display the info Im trying to get in my code…

I’m using Swift 3 and I am able to get the basic ID3 metadata tags/values from a podcast within my app but not these items.

The closest I’ve come so far is to stumble across this item: AVMetadataFormatiTunesMetadata
which I believe is related.

Also, I know there is an iTunesLibrary but it is for use with MacOS only, and not for iOS.

Does anyone know how to get this metadata in Swift/iOS ?