How to get current date from server not from device

I need the app (game) to check on launch what date it is today. I can’t get it from device because users can manipulate it.
I know nothing about servers and Swift is my first language that I learned (big thanks to this site and all the members). Maybe someone has already done it? Any help much appreciated (:

Hi @minnesota

I suggest you to use some REST API to get current time. For example you could use this service - API Access for Developers - TimeZoneDB.
In order to learn how to connect to a REST API, you could take a look at this tutorial -

Hope this is helpful


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This is helpful!
Well, I guess the only thing left is to learn how to send requests. And as far as I figured out that API will respond with JSON and I need to know how to handle it. Looks pretty straight forward.
Thank you so much.

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