How to create a coordinate database?

U.S. interstate rest stops

If you take a look at the link above, you will see around 2100 GPS coordinates that represent all rest stops on interstate highways across the United States. My question is, how would I create a database and make these points of interest available to my app? Is it possible to create a database using CoreData? Furthermore, how would I structure these points by state and highway? I am doing this as an iOS practice. I just want to create a coordinate database then create CLLocation objects based on these coordinates and eventually display them on a MKMapView. I am just confused as to how one would implement the database portion of my practice app.

Thank you

Normally you would create a server side app to fetch these coordinates, parse them into a json file for example, and make them available to a client. Since rest stops are not as dynamic as other data, you might want to create a file and then download it and use it to create the database with some sql command. Otherwise your service would have to read records and perhaps parse the records of interest to the user based on some criteria, such that not all 2100 points are loaded at once.

Although 2100 points are not really that heavy to download in a json file if you are loading 2 coordinates and perhaps an ID. Then based on further user interaction you might fetch more heavy data for those 2100 points, such as those within 50 miles, which might narrow it down to 5, and so you could get those 5 along with maybe text data on each record etc.

I would contact them and ask them if they have a web api for interacting with their database or at least any way of downloading all relevant data in a file format.