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How To Be a Better Developer with Programming Challenges

Learn how to be a smarter and better developer with programming challenges! Here's my advice on the top sites along with some tips and tricks.

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I never thought of programming challenges as a way to improve muscle memory. It is so obvious once you say it. I have been guilty of not giving them adequate priority. Your article has given me extra motivation. Thanks


When I’m interviewing candidates for hire, I often ask what kind of on-the-side programming do they like to do. I look for people who understand that your have to keep practicing on a music instrument to get better at it and see their software “art” in the same way. Doesn’t even matter to me what kind of programming you do, I like to hear about how passionate you are about it.

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I expected to see http://exercism.io/ in the list. I like it. Anyone else?

I thought projecteuler.net was the de-facto programming challenge website.

I also like http://exercism.io. I’m guessing it is left off the list because it is not competitive but designed more to be a cooperative learning experience.

I’ve got a few challenges to build apps in Swift up here https://medium.com/@adamontherun

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I have used Codewars as well as Project Euler in the past. I definitely need to get back onto practising on them.

I didn’t see codewars get a mention, so here is a link: Codewars

They have support for ObjC and Swift (as well as others) in the pipeline, but already support a bunch of other languages.

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Thanks Antonio…for great article.

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As developers, do we need more motivation? :] Btw I know what you mean., and I’m glad you found it useful.

… and even if you play guitar and your favorite genre is rock, doing some little practice with blues, metal, or any other different genre can be anything but useless. And I agree with you: imo programing is both a science and an art.

I didn’t include it because… ehm… I never heard about it :] I’ll take a look as soon as I can. Thanks for the link!!

As mentioned in another comment, I wasn’t aware of it. However I wouldn’t consider cooperative learning a reason for leave it out… actually that sounds like a very good thing, and now I am getting curios :]

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You know, in my opinion all you need is to become the best programmer, you need to learn programming, learn new languages, practice more, every day in our world something is being added to this you need to change all the time.
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