How obtain location data of shops?

Hi everybody,

for an app that I’m creating I need to show in a map the location of some shop like coffee shops, restaurants. Do you know how can I get these accurate informations?


Hi @rufy,
I presume that you r question is not about how to display the points of interest but to get their details.

If you were providing a service, then it would be best to write a app for data collection and go to that location, press capture and enter details along with the GPS co-ordinates, something similar to what the Street View cars do.

The other alternative which is the way most do is reverse geo-coding, where from the address of the establishment, you can get the GPS co-ordinates.

If your question was anything else than this, please do respond with a re-iterated query.



Thank you very much @jayantvarma, but my question is a bit different. maybe I have not asked the question well. I would like found a service from that to obtain an list of shops with some data like name, gps coordinate, address, telephone number etc. after that, loop on this list and populate my database. Is there a service in which found that datas? Is possible to ask these data to Google?

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