How much should I know before working with Unity?

Hey, i’m interested in developing a 2D and 3D iOS game in the future. I am wondering how much I should know before trying to start working in Unity. I went to the tutorials page and it recommended I get a book on C# first. How well should I know the language before I begin, and is there anything else I should also learn? Thanks a lot!

Hey andrew , I throughly recommend that you first go through the Unity In Action book by Joe Hocking . You don’t have to go through all of it , just try to do as much as this should set you on the right track .

This is the link for the book on Amazon:

Enjoy your time !

Hey, thanks for the recommendation! Do you think the book would still be okay for someone who has no experience with C#? only program experience I have is some html, css, and a tiny bit of javascript.

While you can code in Unity using JavaScript it is not recommended . The book does assume that you have at least some Object oriented programming knowledge beforehand , but i believe that the book and some other online C# tutorials should set you straight on this matter.

When i started using Unity, i had no prior knowledge of C# but seeing that i have been programming with the Java Language for the last couple of years and that these two languages are very similar , i did not get any difficulties when adapting to C#.

Anyway, you should see this as a great opportunity to adapt to a new Gaming Engine and language.

I started developing Unity 2D games myself several months ago. If you have prior programming experience following tutorial might be good:

I only recommend it if you have programmed before, the explanations aren’t really thorough sometimes.

For Unity itself, this helped me a lot to understand how to make a complete game itself (Official Unity guide):
Unity Roguelike Tutorial