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How I Fight Procrastination and Usually Win

Procrastination is something I've struggled a lot with over the years. Check out my top 3 tips on how I (usually) manage to beat it!

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This is easily one of the best posts I have read to combat procrastination. I could easily relate to a lot of things mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

I have struggled with procrastination since elementary school. There always seems to be something more exciting to do. Thanks for the tips and software links for fighting distractions.

Also useful ted talk about this topic: Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | TED Talk


I also have a big problem with procrastination so I think this topic can help me… I will read it tomorrow ! :smiley:

Great article that relieves me to know I’m not the only one with a procrastination problem.
I’m a very busy person with a demanding full time system administration job that as of late requires learning about new complicated apps/systems like VMWare or Citrix or Commvault backup app. Then there are the never ending phone calls from fellow employees who need a computer/systems related issue resolved. As an aspiring indie app developer learning Swift/iOS programming sometimes I am just too tired to turn on my Mac and open up my Swift apprentice books when I get home from my full-time job. But I tell my self to get up early in the morning when the family is asleep and stud/practice Swift programming. Routinely 4 AM arrives and I hit the snooze on my iPhone alarm clock and before I know its time to go to work. I appreciate this article as it gave me some new but simple techniques to fight procrastination and use my time more efficiently. One of the latest anti procrastination apps I have recently purchased that is helping me fight putting things off is Todoist. The other tool I am using on this site is the Videos feature. The Swift videos are in bit sized formats that allow me to view during breaks at work or those opportunities at home when I have some free time and energy. These videos have helped me tremendously to learn/retain new complex Swift programming techniques.

So I have a pretty good system in place to fight procrastination.

I write code on an overpowered Hackintosh, where everything is blocked, literally everything - Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, ProductHunt, Medium - just all of it. This is my Focus Machine. It’s where I go for those deep sessions of work without any interruption. (Using SelfControl for blocking.)

Then I have a MacBook Pro that’s a normal computer - I still code on this, but it’s the machine where distractions are allowed. I use it when working with someone else intensively (so we have to message back and forth) or when I need social networks.

I wrote about it if you wanna read more. :slight_smile: