How I created Swift XCode Templates to save my time

Many years ago I started to develop iOS/MacOS apps with ObjC, then Swift.
Currently I’m working as iOS developer almost 9 years in outsource company.

With every new project I understood that I’m copying a lot of code from previous projects every time for a simple screens, then removing unnecessary code from those screens. With a years of experience I’m doing it without thinking at all, like a machine. This led me to the idea that I need to automate this process a little bit - start creating ready screens from templates.

I’ve created repository XCode Templates where I started creating most recent templates that will save time while creating new screens for iOS/MacOS apps with default structure. Firstly this repository was private, but I made it public since I understood that it can be helpful for another iOS/MacOS developers.

Asking you to help me with ideas which templates should I create, which architecture to add during template creation (MVC/MVP/MVVM/VIPER), or just leave your thoughts regarding this idea in GitHub issues.

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