How do I submit a question to a specific vid tutorial


I want to submit a question/comment to a specific video tutorial but I can’t figure out how to do it. I can’t find a UI item to allow me to submit a question at bottom of video page I’m watching. The page I’m using to submit this comment does not allow me to choose a vid tutorial category. Darn confusing.



Go to the page where you viewed the video tutorial. Scroll down and you’ll see posts that have been entered for that tutorial. Click on the “Continue Discussion” button at the bottom to add your own post.

Have fun!

Thx for respone. I did click on “Continue Discussion” button and I cannot find a way to create a new question. I can reply, or I can reply as a linked topic (whatever that means). I did notice when there are not questions I get a “start Discussion” button at bottom of video page.