How do I get started with Android application development?

I have only a very basic knowledge about programming, say I can write a C program using switch case for a simple calculator or use if case to check whether a number is odd or even. From here what can I do in order to develop my own android app.

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Android is very nice about getting you started. They have a nice example right after you download the IDE.

Here you can get to know the IDE:Meet Android Studio  |  Android Developers

Here is the process you go thru: 개발자 워크플로 기본 사항  |  Android 개발자  |  Android Developers

You can just read over the bold parts, headings and such. Just to get an idea, in case you’re in a rush. But go through this example:

After you go through the tutorial, try making your calculator app.

The offical supported development tool is the Eclipse ADT Plugin.

To decide for which version you want to develop you should look at this chart. It shows the distribution of android versions. The more devices you want to reach the older the version you have to support. I think 2.2 or 2.3 is a good version to start.

Frameworks like Struts or Hibernate are too oversized for Android. Instead of Hibernate you can use a SQLite ORM framework like Green Dao Orm or OrmLite

You should also not try to port your existing Struts application to Android.

If you want to create a native Android application you should adept the UI to the Android UI Guidelines. And remember that you don’t need every feature of your Struts application in your Android app. You should reduce the features to the ones that are useful on mobile devices
An alternative would be to create a mobile version of your existing website and show this website on mobile devices. Using this way you can use most parts of your existing application. If you want to have something in the android market you can create a small App that is only used for showing the mobile website.

It is good for getting basic knowledge

If you want to learn more
I advise you to watch courses on YouTube
There are a lot

If you prefer learning from books, start with the Kotlin Apprentice to learn Kotlin:

and then move on to the Android Apprentice to learn how to build Android apps:

If you prefer learning from videos, follow our Kotlin and Android learning path for beginners:

I hope it helps!

These are the six simple steps to get started
Take a look at the official Android website. Visit the official Android Developer website. …
Check out Kotlin.
Get to know Material Design.
Download Android Studio IDE.
Write some code.
Stay up to date.

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first, just understand the basic
choose the correct platform
use android studio