How can I make sprite move to to the point that player touched?

I learn book 2 d games by tutorials and I passed chapter 2 Manual Movement where i made sprite move to the point which player touched.Using math and Geometry now I want to do the same thing but using actions.How can I do that?

Hi @misterdave, when you mean using “actions” do you mean using SKAction? If so, you could do something like this to move a sprite:

func movePlayer (moveBy: CGFloat, forTheKey: String) {

let moveAction = SKAction.moveBy(x: moveBy, y: 0, duration: 1)
let repeatForEver = SKAction.repeatForever(moveAction)
let seq = SKAction.sequence([moveAction, repeatForEver])

// Player action, withKey: forTheKey)
// TouchesBegan:

    if leftButton.contains(pointTouched) {
        movePlayer(moveBy: -30, forTheKey: "left")

    if rightButton.contains(pointTouched) {
        movePlayer(moveBy: 30, forTheKey: "right")
// TouchesEnded:

override func touchesEnded(_ touches: Set<UITouch>, with event: UIEvent?) {
player.removeAction(forKey: "left")
player.removeAction(forKey: "right")

Hope this points you in the right direction! Happy coding,


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