How can i develop Native looking iOS apps(UI) in Unity?

My goal is to create an app(not game) in Unity that will have complete Native looking iOS UI. I have found some Unity Plugins on Asset Store for developing Native looking iOS UI. But those aren’t 100% native looking, and also doesn’t have latest UI Controls. And also these are outdated.

  1. Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
  2. Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

So i am looking for something that can give me full feature of developing Native looking iOS Apps with latest iOS Controls. Thanks in advance.

The best way to make native iOS controls is and always will be native iOS. Are you using Unity because it is cross platform? It’s nice to write once and run everywhere but you always give up something.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually i am not using Unity because of it is Cross Platform. The reason is, my app contains some heavy 3D graphics rendering though it’s not a game. First i wanted to do the graphics rendering part in Unity and rest of the app in Swift. But i couldn’t find any straight forward and easy way to combine both Unity and Swift together.

SO is there any way to bring iOS look and feel(or closer to it) from Unity ?

I see there are a few “integrating Unity 3D with Swift” tutorials around… none of them helped?

I don’t want to appear to be against using Unity, but you might find it better to keep it all Swift and to do your rendering in OpenGL (or even Metal).