Highlighting and Notebook Support for raywenderlich.com articles

Not sure if this is the right category.
I’ve been using the website reader for ML by tuts and I’m loving it. I really like the highlighting and notebook features.
It would be great if you guys could implement that for normal articles, so I could remember some important lines of code or concepts. For example, I’m doing the advanced alamofire article right now and it would be great if I could save this to my notebook:

OAuth Overview

There are several steps to authorize an app to access user repositories via OAuth 2.0:

  1. The app makes a network request for authorization.
  2. Then, the user logs in to GitHub for the authorization to succeed.

Right now I have to make a note in my note-taking app and save it. It would be great if there was some inbuilt functionality on the website for this similar to how there is for books.

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Hm we hadn’t really considered that! Thank you for the idea, I appreciate it - we will keep that in mind as we plan out future upgrades to the site. :heart:

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