Help: view is not in the window hierarchy!

Hi all, I need your help.

I have a very simple app with just 3 swift files (AppDelegate, LoginViewController, SecondViewController) and the idea is that as soon as the user open the app he/she is prompted to log in with Google Services and after that the LoginViewController performs a segue to SecondViewController. But this segue is not happening and I get this error:

Warning: Attempt to present <ViewController: 0x7fe2f1c2ef90> on <SFAuthenticationViewController: 0x7fe2f205b000> whose view is not in the window hierarchy!

I have tried to "present(SecondViewController)… and it works but I don’t get any of the information from Google into the next viewController since the segue is not being performed (I have a prepare for segue method with the information I want to pass into the next viewController).

Any ideas how can I perform a segue after the user has logged in?

Hi @alejandrossh

How exactly did you set up a segue to a SecondViewController?


Hell Nikita. I solved this problem by presenting the next view controller and using a delegate to pass data information.

Thanks !

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