Help A Paw - looking for Android guys to give a hand in finishing this app for helping stray animals

Hi everyone,

A few words about the app: the idea is for people to be able to submit location-tagged signals of hurt stray animals. Other volunteers that are nearby will then receive a notification and can respond to the signal. You can check some screenshots of the demos here:

I started this project over a year ago but it proves a lot of work for a single person to delve iOS, Android, backend and whatever organizational tasks arise. So I’m reaching out for help. iOS app is ready to enter beta-testing but there are still a lot of things that need to happen in the Android app. So, if you are willing to give some of your free time to help realize this project - PM me here or through the Facebook page. It’s a non-profit endeavor so there are no money involved!

P.S. If you are willing to help with some other skills - iOS, web, marketing - any help is welcome!

Hi guys,

I’m pleased to announce that the iOS version got approved and can be downloaded from here

All feedback is more than welcome! And if you happen to live in a country with lots of stray animals, please share among your friends!

I’m also using the opportunity to again ask for help! If anyone is interested in contributing to this project (Android, iOS, web, whatever) - do give me a PM!


Absolutely no interest? Sad…

Sorry I never saw the original links! :disappointed:

The concept is very interesting though and the app looks very well made from what I can see! Out of curiosity, what did you use for the backend?

Also maybe worth putting some screenshots on the original post for people browsing the announcements :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck with the future of this project, feel free to ask as many messages in the forums if you have any dev questions and we’ll do our best to help you out! :ok_hand:

Hi @liamnichols,

For the backend I used Backendless. It’s an interesting Parse-like backend solution which comes with a lot of ready-to-use features like user management, databases, Geo location, etc. It even has the option to upload your own code (run either through timers or on API hooks) which gives you a lot of customizing power. Its pricing is very generous, too - I still use the free one :smiley:

Other than that - thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add some screenshots.

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