Helm Chart Install - Chapter 15

I’m running into an error when attempting to install the Helm Chart in Chapter 15. Below is the command and output.

$ helm install --name emojijournalserver chart/emojijournalserver

Error: render error in "emojijournalserver/templates/deployment.yaml": template: emojijournalserver/templates/deployment.yaml:42:14: executing "emojijournalserver/templates/deployment.yaml" at <.Values.generatedBindings.enabled>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.enabled

This is my first experience using Kubernetes and Helm, but I did a little digging. At the bottom of deployment.yaml I see the following:

{{- if .Values.generatedBindings.enabled }}
{{.Files.Get "bindings.yaml" | indent 10 }}
{{- end }}

If I understand correctly, the error above seems to indicate that .Values.generatedBindings is returning nil and thus doesn’t have an .enabled attribute.

Does Values.generatedBindings.enabled need to be configured in the values.yaml file? I’ve searched Google for examples, but haven’t found where this gets set.

@seabaylea Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi @dillanlaughlin

You can fix this by adding the following to the bottom of the chart/emojijournalserver/values.yaml file:

  enabled: true

In parallel I’ll try to find out why that statement is no-longer in the generated apps!

Thanks again @seabaylea!