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HealthKit Tutorial with Swift: Workouts

In this second part of our HealthKit tutorial series, learn how to add workout data to HealthKit!

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Hi, i get a lot of errors. I have get an healthkit bundle but it doesnt work. ( xcode 7 )
Best regrads

Hi Ernesto,
Thank you for this very helpful tutorial. I’m new to coding but loving this. I’m trying to edit this (for swift 2.2/xcode 7) to measure/store the user’s average heartrate instead of calorieQuantities.

(From a little research on the web) do I replace your code “HKQuantity(unit: HKUnit.kilocalorieUnit(), doubleValue: kiloCalories)” with
“let heartRateQuantity: HKQuantity = HKQuantity(unit: heartRateUnit, doubleValue: height)”? Or use ‘HKQuantityTypeIdentifierHeartRate’ in some way?

Then in the point 2 (code “totalEnergyBurned: caloriesQuantity”) what class reference do I use instead of “totalEnergyBurned” for average heart rate?

Or how do I code the average as a separate HKStatisticsQuery?