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There is great content on RayWenderlich and I enjoy the videos screencasts. What is the best way for us to navigate through all these articles and videos for someone who wants to dive deep into the fundamentals of Swift and iOS

@viswanth92 If you prefer learning from books, start with the Swift Apprentice to learn Swift:

and then move on to the iOS Apprentice to learn how to build apps:

If you prefer learning from videos, follow our Swift and iOS learning path for beginners:

I hope it helps!

@viswanth92 Thanks very much for your question!

What I would point out to you is that when it comes to iOS development, the foundation would be knowing the language that you use to develop apps. In this case, it would be Swift. So my advice to you would be to focus on first getting a good handle on the language. This means go through all of the language video courses for Swift (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).

After that, I honestly would suggest that you go through the Swift Apprentice book that we offer, cover to cover. I’m being serious here. Don’t cut corners in your education, and skills. Build a strong foundation, and you will never look back.

Once you have done that, I would then start going through iOS by Tutorials book, which should give you a very solid overview of the iOS platform, and give you some familiarity with building apps.

In terms of the topics that you should cover, our video courses are specialized in that they cover very specific topics, whereas our books tend to cover broad topics.

As an iOS developer, I would advise you to ensure that you learn the following concepts well:

  1. UITableViews: Most apps involve selecting an option from a list of some kind. Moreover, the UITableView involves the use of the delegate pattern which is a very important concept in iOS development which you need to be familiar with.

  2. Auto Layout: You need to learn how to build apps that fit different screen sizes, and that means knowing Auto Layout. There is no escape from this. Make sure you know how to use it in storyboards and in code.

  3. Networking: Most apps need to connect to an external web service API in order to present data to the user, and that means being able to parse JSON data. Many concepts are incorporated when learning how to connect to a REST API from an iOS app, which is why it is extremely important to learn how to do this correctly. Moreover, this ties in to #1 quite well.

Start with the above, and give yourself a few months to properly digest the above concepts. You’ll be up and running soon enough :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best.

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