Good Book, but overblown code examples

So far, I really enjoy the book.

However, I did notice that many of the example code in the book seems to be unnecessary to get the point across. Example, the "example ofโ€™ method seems bit strange to add. Why not just simply instantiate a class?

Anyway, just my .02 cents. :slight_smile:

@pdl5000 Thanks very much for your comment/question :slight_smile:

The book is meant for the beginner who is being introduced to Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift for the first time, so we always want to assume minimal knowledge coming in. To a more advanced developer, yes, some descriptions or examples can be a bit repetitive, or unnecessary, and I apologize. However, we are happy that you are enjoying the book, and find it beneficial. Please do check out the Swift Algorithm Club for additional topics :wink:

Thanks again for your feedback!

All the best!

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