Go with xcode8?


I’m currently working with Drop Charge and failing to build the app on the latest xcode8.
Are there any guidelines or recommendations to go with xcode8 such as code conversion??

Many thanks in advance for your help.:wink:

Well, the current book was written for Swift 2 and Xcode 7. The update to the book, which you’ll get for free in a few weeks when we finish writing it, will be up to date for Swift 3 and Xcode 8.

I know Xcode 8 will do some of the work in migrating your code to the latest syntax, but you may have to do some research into how the newer versions of the APIs fit together to finish the job. It could be a bit of effort, but it could be very educational for you.

Apple still makes older versions of software (e.g. Xcode 7) available on their website, if you want to use that alongside 8 for a while to get the SpriteKit basics down.

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If you use Xcode 8, go with Swift 2.3 instead of Swift 3. Swift 2.3 is basically Swift 2.2 syntax, so book-compatible, along with new Apple SDK. Migrate when the project is “ready”

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Thank you very much for your quick help!
I’ll go with Swift 2.3 until the update version of the tutorial book will be available. :slight_smile: