Give up on Chapter 6/7: No notification


I am unable to trigger the notification using WebService. I followed the following steps:

  1. Replace all required placeholders in WebService. Build and run successfully. I see the following messages on launch:
  • [ WARNING ] No custom working directory set for this scheme, using /Users/my3vshenoy/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/PushWebService-cfibixdtcoibqabodusrwdbzblof/Build/Products/Debug

[ NOTICE ] Server starting on

2022-05-23 22:34:03.491939-0400 Run[77788:797760] [si_destination_compare] send failed: Invalid argument

2022-05-23 22:34:03.492001-0400 Run[77788:797760] [si_destination_compare] send failed: Undefined error: 0

  1. Then my App launches, I do see a console message with requestId, so the communication is happening

  2. Tried using the Push Notifications Tester to verify if the keys were the issue. No, I successfully get the push on my device through it.

Please help! Thanks

@gargoyle any suggestions?