Getting Started with PromiseKit | Ray Wenderlich

This video covers the basics of using PromiseKit and what advantages it can bring to you code. Hint: If you are doing asynchronous coding - a lot!

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Thank you for this screencast, now I can use good old promises from C++ in a Swift manner.
And, if you would, could you please tell, if there is a course or book, or something, where I can learn to to write not only Swift code, but also Swifty code? It’s very obvious that Swift has it’s own powerful features, but a lot of them are not so clear. I would like to fill that gap.
Thank you in advance.

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We do sell a book called the Swift Apprentice which should get you up to speed on some of the language features. If you like the functional aspects of Swift, then definitely check out our tutorial on it over here:

I hope that helps!

Thank you for your reply and helpful links. I definitely check them.

Thanks Brain for sharing this. Both the topic and session of screencast is brilliant. Learned new thing which is elegant and more cleaner.
Though it seems that Final project source code has merge conflicts unresolved. Thought to share if you are not aware about it.

Ack! Thanks for the heads up. I’ve fixed the merge issues and reuploaded the project files.

That said, I’m glad you liked the screencast. We have another PromiseKit screencast coming next week.