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Getting Started with Core Data Tutorial

Learn the basics of building the data layer of your iOS app in this getting started with Core Data tutorial!

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Hello. I get this warning:
CoreData: annotation: Failed to load optimized model at path ‘/var/containers/Bundle/Application/A6D323BC-1HJL-4E76-8469-38088BEB469A/myApp.app/myApp.momd/myApp.omo’.

How can i fix it? Thanks!

Thank you, it helped me a lot.

Thank you for the nice example, it would be great if you can put a video of the code. I am having doubt on how to setup Trailing Space to Safe Area, Top Space to Safe Area and finally, Bottom Space to Safe Area.
Thanks in advance

I think there is some confusion here:

relationships between two entities are called to-one relationships, while those between one and many entities are called to-many relationships. For example, a Manager can have a to-many relationship with a set of employees, whereas an individual Employee will usually have a to-one relationship with his manager.

If we consider an entity as a class then a relationship between two entities can be one-to-one or one-to-many. “Many” here means many instances of a class/entity, not many classes/entities.

@pietrorea Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

This Is for iOS 10+ only but for iOS 9 how we will create Core data?

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!