Get the filesystem type for a file

Hi, I’m making a small utility for macOS, and it would be nice if I could get the filesystem type (APFS, HFS+, DOS, etc.) for a file.

Thank you.

hi @ruicarneiro,
Have you tried to use ‘diskutil list’ it is a terminal (shell) command that lists out information, you can further use grep to filter what you want.

diskutil info -all or diskutil list


… and for more file/folder related code you can refer to this article

Thanks, but that won’t do, it will stop working as soon Apple changes the printing format. It really has to be an API.

Hi @ruicarneiro,
I understand your point, however even API’s can break with newer version as Apple changes the API or access to it. If I do come across a specific answer to your query, I will post it here.



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