Get data from ORACLE Database

Hi guyyyzzz…!
could u please share any Tutorials or Videos regarding how to save data & fetch data from Oracle Database in iOS Swift application…
please send sample projects, if u have?

Hi @santhoshios, unfortunately there are currently no tutorials on fetching data from an Oracle database. I’d kindly suggest taking some time to search for a sample projects on Google, but more specifically on Github. Example typing in the search bar on Github, “Oracle database language:swift” might produce some results.


Is you IOS application running on a server, or is this a client app? I ask this because the idea of directly accessing the database from a client app is a security nightmare. If you’re putting together a rest api on a server using it’s a different story. Oracle has a product called Oracle Rest Services many use to create a middle tier. You make JSON calls against it for data.

Thank for advising…

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