[FREE]Magic Words: craft words

Hello! I am indie developer and recently I have released my first game for iOS / Android made on cocos2d-x(c++), a puzzle game about words creation from letters and additional tasks completion. The game can be interesting to all puzzle lovers, both adults and children, because it allows you to increase vocabulary and improve spelling skills.
Please, play a little and share your impressions with your friends :slight_smile:

Available free on Google Play, App Store

Thank You in advance!

Hi @ooleynich and welcome to the community! I wish you many downloads on your game.

Hello, hope You will right! :slight_smile:

I have added 6 languages into my game, but forgot to add them into the Xcode/AndroidStudio project, so Appstore/GooglePlay shows only EN default localization. Have to resubmit new version fast!

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