Framework Used To Create games like subway surf and temple run?

Hello All iOS Developers ,
I just wanted to know ,in which Framework we develop games like subway surf and temple run in iOS platform ?
please guide me ,what all i should know , so as to start in this ,keeping in mind all the parameters. the cost,time allocation,
i have done some research work , on Stack Overflow , it says its on unity 3D ,but its a blunt answer, i need a precise answer.
please note: i am just a Beginner in iOS development, so please tell me from start ,i am working on swift ,not on objective c . any suggestions are welcome .

It sounds like Unity might be the way to go tbh. Fortunately, C# is a very friendly language and is visually similar to Swift. There’s a good couple of tutorials and courses on the RW site to learn C# and Unity so that might be a good place to start. If you really want to stick strictly to iOS and Swift, then you can try using SceneKit. RW has tutorials for that as well.

There are Unity tutorials at:

And there’s some stuff on SceneKit at:

Personally, I’d say Unity would be the way to go. There’s a lot of resources for it, it’s very powerful, and it’s very well trusted.