Framework on demand resource

i have created a framework which contain assets and i have to reduce space of my app size so that i want to used on demand resource to reduce asset size in framework but xcode said "
On-Demand Resources is enabled (ENABLE_ON_DEMAND_RESOURCES = YES), but is not supported for framework targets" , framework documentation and on demand resource guide have no clear information either it support or not ,does framework support on demand resource for app thinning?


@nj1 Do you still have issues with this?

Hi @nj1, my take on what I’ve read from the Apple documentation, is that the demand resource supports these types:
Data file
OpenGL shader,
SpriteKit particle,
SpriteKit scene,
SpriteKit texture atlas,
Apple TV Image Stack
It is a bit confusing to find concrete documentation on your issue. If I come across a solid answer to your question I will definitely share it with you here.


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