Forum Login Problems

When logging into the forums on Safari in iOS12 I consistently get error “too many redirects”, which requires that I manually type in the forum URL after logging in.

@mikebronner Thanks very much for your question. Is this only on mobile, or also on desktop? Just curious.

@syedfa This happens on desktop in Safari 12 (macOS Mojave) as well. It doesn’t happen under Safari 11 on macOS 10.13 High Sierra). Seems to be specific to the upcoming safari version, I bet they are clamping down harder on redirects.

Sorry about this! We haven’t heard of any problems with this - I’ll let our engineering team know in case they’re aware of anything. Could you perhaps try a different browser?

Hi Mike,
The engineering team suggest clearing your cookies and trying again?
Let me know if you have any luck

A different browser is not an option for me. I want to be clear that I am submitting this in preparation for iOS12 and MacOS Mojave, this is not happening in current releases, so I fully understand that it might not e working currently. However, once Mojave and iOS 12 releases, you will have a lot of users that will have this issue.

Clearing cookies does not help. Here is a screenshot of the browser message:

Hi @mikebronner,
I hope that the issue is now resolved, a lot of links and the site did not work for me either but that was a couple of days ago and it is all fine now. I was not even using Mojave and on Firefox.



Hi @jayantvarma, the problem still persists.

Hi @mikebronner,
I hope it is resolved for you now, if not then you might want to check if you have any firewalls or blockers.

I have tried out on iOS12 Beta 6 - it works all fine
I have tried on Mojave Beta 6, works fine there too



Sorry, no, this is still an issue under Mojave. It keeps redirecting between and, then after a few times, the browser shuts it down with the error I posted above.

Hi @mikebronner

Thanks for your info. If you’re happy to do so, could you send the network history available in the developer console of Safari? I’m interested to see where the redirects are going, and why there are so many of them. There should only be a few redirects to allow you to login successfully.

If you’re ok to do this, please could you send details to, and we can try getting to the bottom of this.

Thanks again for your help—it’s much appreciated