Flicking top of screen on macOS 10.11.6 with Unity 5.5.0f3

Hey guys

Anyone else see flickering at the top of the screen when you Play a game?

I’ve found that clicking the “Maximize on Play” button in the Game View allows you to see the game running but the flickering doesn’t go away. This did not happen on the previous version of MacOS with v5.4 of Unity - unfortunately I upgraded both at the same time so not sure which upgrade introduced this problem. Anyone have a similar issue?

I should add that this does not occur when I run other example projects from RW or Unity tutorials. Just when running Bobblehead Wars

@scotts7777 That sounds like one of those magical (and not fun) ‘just you’ problems. I suspect it MIGHT be an issue with your graphics driver (are you using the latest version?). If you are, this might worth contacting Unity and giving them your hardware specs and highlighting the problem.