Flappy Turtle: Aquarium Adventure created in Swift 2.0

Flappy Turtle Aquarium Adventure In Swift 2.0

  Flappy Turtle Aquarium Adventure

I orginally created the Flappy Turtle app in Objective-C after watching Ray’s video tutorial on "How To Make a Game Like Flappy Bird" in Objective-C some time back.

After Swift came out I decided to rewrite the game in Swift and watched Ray's new video "How To Make a Game Like Flappy Bird in Swift". This was an excellent choice as I was already familier with the game creation and the logic of how the game worked. This time I could just focus on the Swift language and rewrite the game. I found Swift very easy to learn and I was excited at how much shorter my code became over Objective-C. Excellent language to do any programming.

My new revision of Flappy Turtle: Aquarium Adventure is now in the AppStore. You can check it out at Flappy Turtle Aquarium Adventure

Thanks to the Ray Wenderlich Team for all their great books and videos!

Bill Crews BC App Designs, LLC

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hey! I know this is ancient now…but I went back through the tutorials for fun and realized even with the downloaded code you can jump off screen over the obstacles? Any tips on how to avoid this or if you faced something similar with yours?

@iosdeveloperisaac Does this work for you?