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The Download Materials, are missing asset’s

warning: Missing Content: The file “90d94771da8c6bd3da7f9e8173f712cf.jpeg” for the image set “Brian” does not exist.

The file “824a6fbb8cbbae317c42ec5a94649f9a.jpeg” for the image set “Ray” does not exist.

Could you explain why you wrote setNavigationBarHidden(_:) twice at the beginning please?

@scottb Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

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@zeydeniii Only because that made it a little easier to both demonstrate how the app should work and also making it a little simpler to make changes in the video. They have different values (true/false) and I’m removing the second call later on in the video. Hope that helps!

@byaruhaf Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll get the materials updated.

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