Example of ignoring files with passwords

In Chapter 5 it says “A good example would be any files that contain API keys, tokens, passwords or other secrets that you definitely need for testing, but you don’t want them sitting in a repository — especially a public repository — for all to see.”

Can you add a good example of where you have maybe a Swift project that contains login/pwd connection string values to Firebase, MySQL, etc. that you need to make your project work but have somehow excluded it because you want to make your project public? I have many projects I have made and want to make them public to use as part of a resume, but I keep them private because I do not know how to correctly hide these things yet still have it work for others. Thanks.

@scarfire Please check out the updated version of the book when you get a chance:


I hope it helps!

ePub download says 2.0 which was the version I already had. What changed? I figured out how to do it though.