Errata for watchOS With SwiftUI by Tutorials 1st Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos and bugs in the 1st Edition of watchOS With SwiftUI by Tutorials.

Xcode 14.1 project structure has changed when creating an app

I think you need to apply some updates as Xcode 14.1 seems to act a bit different. Just starting with the book and finding differences in the project structure chapter e.g. Xcode assumes SwiftUI per default, didn’t get the various targets and schemes, didn’t have the ‘include notification scene’ toggle, etc with the implications for targets that get created.

And other stuff seems to have changed like ‘Requiring a companion app’ instructions need an update e.g. I have no toggle with Deployment Info to add/remove the companion app.

Not sure if it matters significantly down the road, but you could wonder how-to do add notification or extension.

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I’m in the process of updating the book right now. It’ll be a couple months before it gets published though. The main thing you’re going to notice right now is that Apple finally merged the watchOS app project with the watchOS extension project and made it just a single thing.

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Hi thanks for coming back to me. I completely understand and will be able to work around it, the book keeps its value. As usual Apple surprises us with these kind of changes and we need to keep up with them. Good luck with the update.