Errata for Swift Apprentice v2.0

This topic is for bugs, typos, and other mistakes in Swift Apprentice v2.0.

Three errata in version 2.0 (Swift 3):

  1. Chapter 15: Single responsibility: “should have a single concern should own all the functionality is uses” is missing a conjunction
  2. Chapter 22: Stoping your program on an error: Part A: missing p in the word stoping. Part B: “try! try” in code example.
  3. Chapter 25: Understanding protocol extension dispatching: “property of method” should have an “or” not an “of”
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On page 146, Run time for Dictionary Operations, it’s stated that deleting a value from a Dictionary is an O(1) operation.

The apple documentation states O(n).

Big discussion on Stack Overflow at: