Errata for Server-Side Swift with Kitura, 2nd Edition

The official errata thread for Server-Side Swift with Kitura, 2nd edition!

Hey nice book! I think IBM took down the Kitura macOS app the beginning of the book is based on.

I came here to research the same thing. Glad to know at least it’s not just me who can’t find it. :[

FWIW after I installed the CLI using the instructions in the book for homebrew; here are the command line commands I used to get to the “Understanding your Kitura project” heading and was able to follow along from there (the percent signs (%) are my cursor)

% mkdir EmojiJournalServer
% cd EmojiJournalServer
% kitura init
% swift package generate-xcodeproj
% open EmojiJournalServer.xcodeproj
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Yes additionally I discovered that the Xcode project file produced by generate doesn’t work in subversion. Xcode 11 allows you to just click the package.swift file instead.

Thanks for the workaround. This should be a topic for people following the book instructions. I’m glad that I found it quickly in the Errata, but, I expect more gotchas will show up which might make it harder to find. Greatfully, I am now back on the path of enlightenment.