Errata for Reactive Programming with Kotlin, 2nd ed

Creating this thread to catch any bugs or types for the 2nd Edition of Reactive Programming with Kotlin.

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Page 216: Bullet point 5 contains a superfluous “8” after the first sentence.

Page 239: The sentence “dispatchAfter is another special function […]” has a grey background but is not prefixed by “Note:”. So it seems either the background is unintentional or the text “Note:” is missing.

Page 248: Not sure if this is an error or I just don’t understand it. Line 3 says all the timelines are “most recent first”. To me they seem to be most recent last.

Adding more findings here as I cannot post more than three replies.

Page 252: After the code that replaces the definition of sourceObservable, it says “And that’s all”. Not quite - one also has to remove the call to sourceObservable.connect(), or the app will not compile.