Errata for Mastering Git 1st Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos or bugs in the 1st Edition of Mastering Git.

File 06-challenge.txt supposed to contain recommended ways to solve challenges from Chapter 6
Actual Result: it is empty
Could you please check)

Page 138 under “A look at your branches”.

An image is shown of the command line, followed by four references to what is shown in the image. These references are numbered, but the image does not contain the numbers, so we do not actually know what the references are pointing to. As a result, we don’t really know what ‘This’ is referring to with each point being made.

It is possible too, that the image provided is not the correct one as we are further along with the ideas repository at this point in the book.

Chapter 10 doesn’t work.
This is a pretty serious problem with the book at this point. We are instructed to learn about merging by merging in the clickbait branch. However, this was already done on pages 122, 123 in Chapter 8!

This problem is probably related to the issue I mentioned above regarding my thoughts that the image used in 138 is not annotated properly, and is likely the wrong image.

Not sure what is happening here at this point in the book, but something got messed up in terms of ordering.

Page 151 - chapters summary is out of order.
Need to flip 12) Stashes and 13) MergeConflicts.

@chuck_taylor Thank you so much for reporting these issues! I have the authors looking into the items right now. The chapter numbering was my fault as we reordered some of the chapters mid-writing. I thought I caught all of the references! I’ll make sure we address them soon.

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@wadedunk Good catch, let me check with the authors and see if I can track down that missing solution!

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page 251 “git delete -b zIntegration”

this is not right .

Every page of “Mastering_Git_v1.0.0.pdf” has these red rectangles around all text objects when opened by all the pdf viewers I have: Preview, Acrobat, Kindle, and Safari. I can find no way to hide or turn off the rectangles. I don’t remember ever seeing this in any other Ray Wenderlich tutorial pdf.

How do I fix this?

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 10.14.14 AM

Hello! Thanks for reaching out! We did resolve this and if you download a fresh version of the PDF off the store, it should be fixed. Thank you!

PAGE 328
“git delete -b zIntegration”

not right

Hi, @yangwulong1978! Thank you for the notice! I’ll pass it on to the author.

Thanks for notifying me. Note that the PDF is no longer separately downloadable, but I found it in the “Materials” download. I hope you will continue to provide PDF updates for all products as ePub is a real downer.

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.26.57 AM