Errata for Machine Learning by Tutorials, 2nd Edition

Found an issue in Machine Learning by Tutorials, 2nd edition? Post it here!

Not an issue really I just bought it :slight_smile:
And find it uses the latest software, which I haven’t got the Swift 5.1 and Catalina and Xcode 11 …
Guess I’ll read the book for now and await the update from Apple for the general public edition of the software.

I think I gave much to learn :slight_smile:

You can still use most of the book with Swift 5, Xcode 10, and Mojave.

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Well I jumped into Section III, chapter 14 and immediately got an error in the Xcode :frowning:
I suppose I ought to start at the beginning ?
Yes I have much to learn ! :slight_smile:

This is an Early Access update. None of the chapters in Sections II or III have been updated yet because there were too many problems in those sections with the early betas and then schedules forced us to delay working on those.

So to go through the current version of those sections, you may need to use Xcode 10, iOS 12, Mojave, or some combination of those.

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Awww, Hummm - I see !
I’ve looked into the matter and I have Xcode 11.0(11A420a) and Mojave 10.14.6 now which I believe are the latest updates for general distribution. Don’t know if iOS is 12, or 13 for Xcode? I have a new 11 Pro Max iPhone which is 13 !
Afraid I don’t know how to setup two MacOS’s on my iMac or multiple Xcode’s :woman_shrugging:
I will content myself with reading the book for now ! :relaxed:
I assume it gives a description of what is happening as well as the code examples !?
Thanks you for replying to my posts

Hummm ! Got a puzzle !???
I downloaded the book fine on epub and it showed in my Books app directory and I have been reading it on my iMac !
?? I just tried to read it on my iPhone and can’t find it ??
What is going on ?? Thought you guys said “handy if you want a soft copy to take with you”. Digital book editions section in Machine Learning
IDK :woman_shrugging:
Sorry to be a bother ! :roll_eyes:

Another puzzle maybe ? I’ve been exploring …
Instead of being in a section it is in the Uncategorized section of my iMac Books window ?
? shouldn’t it be in the Computer section ?

Well IDK ? I’d like to be able to read it on my iPhone too !

Woo Hoo ! Machine Learning by Tutorial, 2nd Edition has showed up on my iPhone !
Guess it takes a couple of days to work it’s way through the iCloud Drive ?
Photos do it almost immediately !
Sorry for the false alarm :frowning: Live n learn !!

Hi there,

In page 477 chapter 14, Xcode complains unresolved identifier ‘MLModel’. Could you please correct the error? Cheers

@luois8753 This is an early access version of the 2nd edition — the last 6 chapters of the book have not been updated yet for Xcode 11 or iOS 13. They should have been marked in some way to indicate that, either in the book or in the store. You may run into many errors like this if you’re working through those chapters with the latest software. Sorry for the mix up!

Hi clapollo,

Thanks for your reply.

One more question, in the paragraph of sentiment analysis in page 463, it’s said “… identifying document topics are all variations of the sentiment analysis.” Would you please help me understand how I can use the model to identify document topics? Will it be included in the future release of the book?

Thanks so much

@clapollo Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi @luois8753, sorry for the delayed reply. There are multiple different algorithms that can identify document topics. The simplest thing to try after going through these chapters would be to treat it just like sentiment analysis, but rather than using positive and negative as classes, you would define classes like sports, politics, music, etc and train your model to classify text into those categories. You would just need a dataset with documents labeled by their primary topic.

After that, you should search the internet for terms like “topic modeling” and “document classification” to read about other techniques, some of which can identify multiple topics within a piece of text.

I’ve been overly busy with other work and the updates for these chapters are being handled by someone else, so I’m not sure if document classification or topic modeling will be covered in more detail.