Errata for Kotlin Apprentice v1.0

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for purchasing Kotlin Apprentice! We hope you’re enjoying the book!

Like most things in life, no book is perfect, and we’re sure there may be a mistake or two in the v1.0 book. Please share in this thread any issues (bugs, typos, mistakes, etc.) you find in the book, and we’ll fix them in the next version.

Thanks so much for your help!


On PDF Page 262 Chapter 18: Generics inside the “NOTE” section it reads as follows

NOTE: Make sure to comment out or delete the fistInt line before proceeding to the next step so that the app continues to compile properly.

the variables name “fistInt” should be “firstInt” not “fist”.

Just a small typo error nothing major.

Thanks @liltimtim! We’ll fix this in the next edition of the book.